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Launch of Stress PT - Personal Training for Stress Management
Posted on Tuesday 8th January 2019 at 1:45 am by Jon Kestell

If you are looking to get fit you employ a Personal Trainer so why can't this concept work for those who are looking to manage stress more effectvely?

I am pleased to launch a new branch of Spiral Wellbeing - Training & Development - Stress PT

Over the past 8 years I have worked with a number of individuals who have either contacted me directly or previously attended courses, because they felt they needed a little extra support to get to grips with the stresses and strains that life throws at us. These clients didn't feel that they needed counselling or Psychotherapy treatment they just wanted to be educated, motivated and guided in the right direction at an affordable cost.

This has led to me working on a concept that I feel will meet the needs of a wide variety of individuals.

Sessions can be run either one to one for South Devon residents or via video call / phone and start from as little as £35 per session (Each session lasts 50 Minutes)

So who would benefit from Stress PT?

In every training course / PT session that I run, I emphasise the importance of understanding that stress is very individual, no two people suffer identical signs & symptoms and what works for one person doesn't mean that it will work for another.

Stress PT can help individuals who genuinely want to take responsibility and learn more about developing better resilience long term, reading the body’s early warning signs and finding techniques that simply ‘feel right’.

We all suffer from stress; the difference is in how we deal with it. Stress PT is aimed at those who are concerned that stress is getting on top of them, whether you have engaged with your GP or not, Stress PT will keep you motivated to practice what works for you. I work with clients both on a 1-1 basis or if preferable clients may bring a chaperone whom can also form part of the support process.

Whilst most clients approach me themselves it is not unusual for an organisation to also utilise me to support staff that may be suffering from stress. Sessions subsidised by organisations can either be conducted at the place of work via video conference or at my office in Paignton.

What do I do for clients?

Educate - Give clients the knowledge to fully understand how and why stress affects us.

Areas covered include

- The Nervous System
- Impact on performance
- Where does stress come from?
- Signs & Symptoms (Early warning signs)


Whilst Stress PT is not a counselling session, I listen to my clients helping them make sense of situations. Listening forms a vital role in successful outcomes as the techniques used are tailored to each individual

Goal setting

There is no magic wand, it takes time and practice. We set mutually agreed achievable, yet challenging goals during each session.


Identify what’s working and what’s not. Listening to how clients feel and how the strategies are working for them. I also work with them to identify the causes and how these can either be eliminated or percieved differently.


All sessions are held in a confidential environment with notes and individual programmes stored securely at all times

What Stress PT isn't

It’s not a session where you are dictated to, it’s about finding what you can relate to and what you are comfortable doing.

It is not Counselling.

No Psychological Analysis

There is no judgement

What does Stress PT cost?

Introductory Session £45.00 - 1 Hour

During the introductory session new clients will be assessed to enable me to formulate a programme specific to their needs

Subsequent single booking session - £40.00 - 50 Minutes

Block of 5 Sessions - £175.00 (£35.00 Per Session) - 50 Minutes

About Me

I have been a qualified Stress Management trainer since 2011 and hold the highly sought-after Level 5 diploma in Stress Management, which is accredited by the CPCAB (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Award Body). I am also a qualified NLP Practitioner.

I established Spiral Wellbeing in 2011 and worked with many clients, running both open and in-house training. Clients to date have included University Hospitals Bristol, over 500 schools across the UK, Age UK Hampshire, Lancashire County Council & University of South Wales to name just a few.

To discuss Stress PT in more detail or to book your first introductory session simply call or SMS Jon on 07809484657 or email enquiries@spiralwellbeing.co.uk


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